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Getting past flawless? ShelboTron New Member. I have the arcane smithing perk as well. All of my daedric weapons and armor have all been upgraded to the legendary status. However, I just received the Volendrung warhammer, and when I tried to upgrade it, it only went to 'flawless' status.

Why did it not go to legendary like everything else? Am I missing something here? Can this artifact not be upgraded to legendary or something? I know people say to use exploits and the restoration potions or some crap like that. I'd prefer not to cheat or use an exploit to upgrade my weapon.

Just wondering if I can get it to legendary status somehow. Thanks for any help! Skullrattla Button Pusher. This is the same with many unique enchanted weapons you find, I think. I believe you need to get Smithing up to to improve them to Legendary, but could be wrong on that one. XbSuper Active Member.

Many unique weapons don't get benefits from smithing perks ie ebony, glass, daedric, etc.


Therefore you don't gain the ability to improve it twice as much. The way around this without using exploits is to make a set of gear with fortify smithing enchant chest, hands, ring, and amulet then make, or buy, a fortify smithing potion. Using all of these together, should allow you to smith any item to legendary with smithing skill of course. Straumgald Member. Does it really swing at the speed of a sword as opposed to a warhammer? It seems faster, and at 25 base dmg, wouldn't that make it the same unenchanted damage output as a dragonbone sword?

You can get this thing at level 9, which for me was extremely powerful, although difficult to kill the giant had to put it on novice.Vehk the God did not, and remains as written.

And yet these two are the same being. And yet are not, save for one red moment. The Hammer of Might, Volendrung is said to have been created by the Dwarves of the now abandoned clan of Rourken, hundreds of years before they disappeared from the world of Tamriel. It has the ability to grant health to its wielder, but it is best known for the paralyzing and strength leeching effects it has when cast at an enemy.

Like the Dwarves who created it, Volendrung is prone to disappearing suddenly, resurfacing sometimes in days, sometimes in eons. Maybe your father told you stories of Volendrung, [race]? The Hammer of the Dwarves of Rourken?

There's some guy a few inns from here who claims to know its location. Times being tough in [city name], he's over at the [tavern name], a tavern just [direction] of here, selling the information he knows. You ought to look into it. Saw a guy skulking around, whispering 'Volendrung, volendrung', whatever that means. I chased him off, the crazy bastard. He headed [direction] toward the [tavern name], thank God. There's this guy just [direction] of here, in a tavern called the [tavern name], selling information about Volendrung.

If he's telling the truth, he knows how to get the Hammer of Might so I guess he's justified in asking hundreds of gold pieces for the information.

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A hammer that can turn a man to stone, imagine Did you say 'Volendrung,' my friend? Perhaps you have a friend who has met a Medusa, or an enemy who ought to.

Volendrung's the hammer for you then, kid. Just give me [amount] gold to get the business end out of the way, and I'll tell you how to find the Hammer. I knew the moment you walked in, you were the [race] I wanted to do business with. You want Volendrung, the Hammer of Might: a testimony to your knowledge and good taste.

I know how you can get Volendrung. All we need is to get the little question of price out of the way. For my assistance in getting you to the Hammer, I'm only asking for [amount] gold pieces. I assume that's fine with you?

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You must have heard I was here, offering people information for recovering the lost Dwarven Hammer of Might. Well, you're a lucky [race]. Turns out the folk in the [tavern name] aren't as rich as I thought they'd be, and I need gold more than adventure.


So for [amount] pieces of gold, I'll tell you exactly how to recover Volendrung. Will you take advantage of my generosity? A young man cloaked in appears at your side at the mention of Volendrung. I won't repeat any of this, so listen carefully.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Better Artifacts. This adds OP enchantments to Volendrung. Volendrung has a chance to paralyze for 10 seconds in a 5 foot radius.

It also has a chance to disarm for 30 seconds. This is my first Skyrim Mod. I have modded Morrowind and Oblivion before.

Volendrung Replica

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Volendrung. Getting past flawless?

Edit links. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Volendrung is a unique Two-Handed weapon and Daedric artifact that was forged by the Dwemer.

The warhammer originally belonged to the Rourkena clan of Dwemer who migrated from their homeland of Morrowind. Legend states that the chieftain threw his hammer across Tamriel and proclaimed that his clan would settle wherever it landed. The hammer landed in the province of Hammerfell hence the name. True to his word, the leader of the Rourken raised the city of Volenfellthe capital of the western Dwemer, at the location. Volendrung can be upgraded with an ebony ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk, though it does not benefit from any Smithing perks.

This means that the weapon cannot be improved past flawless quality without boosting the Smithing skill over Volendrung's enchantment merges very well with its weapon class. Power attacking with two-handed weapons naturally drains stamina very quickly. The powerful enchantment can offset this somewhat by absorbing stamina from the opponent to allow additional power attacks.

While useful at lower levelsVolendrung can become obsolete at higher levels as it does not benefit from any Smithing perks, thus, other warhammers can quickly outclass it for maximum damage output.

It has the same base damage as the ebony warhammer. This section contains bugs related to Volendrung Skyrim. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. For other uses, see Volendrung. Knock down a house? Contents [ show ]. What is the best unique two handed weapon in skyrim?Volendrung is one of the most notorious mythological artifacts in history. It has cultural ties to the Dwemer as well as the Daedra, though scholars fail to agree on just about every detail that has ever been written about it—including whether or not different accounts are referencing the same object.

Academics recognize one such artifact, called Volendrung, as a Dwemer relic forged by Clan Rourken. The other Dwemer forsook them for the slight, and the Rourkens refused to stay with their people if it meant an alliance with the Chimer—their sworn enemies. So the Rourken chieftain hurled Volendrung into the sky, declaring that their people would find a home wherever it landed. Volendrung thus served as a guiding light for Clan Rourken in exile as the Hammer roared, beastlike, across the sky.

It shone like a second sun during the day, mirrored the moons at night, and led the Rourken to the other side of the continent. There, they supposedly founded the fabled city of Volenfell—which has yet to be discovered in the modern era, if it ever truly existed.

But how did the unidentified Rourken chieftain manage such a tremendous throw?


Dwemer armies were known for their engines of war, and their mechanical infantry. If the Dwemer had the capability to project a weapon cross-continent by hand, why did they never utilize such long-range assaults in warfare? Even a modern Arch-Mage would have difficulty concocting a spell to launch an object over such a distance. Unless Volendrung was actually a flying engine, powered by lost Dwemer mechanics, the whole story reeks of a Bosmer tale. A second hammer called Volendrung, this time a Daedric artifact belonging to the Daedric Prince Malacath, exists in records nearly as old as the Dwemer version.

But why would the God of Curses associate himself with an object forged by enemies? To make a mockery of Dwemer work? To take something the Dwemer treasured and use it as an instrument against them? There is little doubt that the relic described could be tied to the God of Curses. What is in doubt is whether it was named by mortals or by Malacath himself—and whether the Rourken Clan wielded the same Hammer in centuries past. Your email address will not be published.

Image walkthrough:. Click on the thumbnail to see the original image. By Gurour Volendrung is one of the most notorious mythological artifacts in history. What is Volendrung? Tamriel may never know. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Volendrung is an artifact associated with the Daedric Prince Malacathand is the first of many artifacts stolen by Sheogorath. He unleashed the artifacts upon Cyrodiil for the purpose of putting an end to his boredom surrounding the lack of chaos in the Three Banners War, and for the fun of keeping his Daedric siblings on their guard.

For more information on the story behind Volendrung, see the lore article. The weapon spawns times per day in each campaign, and when it spawns, an on-screen notification will appear stating "Volendrung seeks a wielder. The hammer may change hands several times, and its' map icon will change color to correspond to the faction of the wielder.

If it does not have a wielder, the icon will be white. After a period of about 30 minutes, or after it changes hands about times, the hammer will despawn once dropped. This is indicated with a message stating "Volendrung returns to Oblivion.

The various spawn locations for Volendrung are visually distinctive. Each location has a circle of spikes protruding from the ground and a group of three golden saints guarding the area. If Volendrung is in a specific spawn location, it will be indicated by a rift with a ray of light shining down on the artifact. The artifact's spawn chance is highly weighted to the two spawn points closest to each faction's base.

Picking up the hammer in the middle of battle can be risky as it takes several seconds to do so. A player attempting to pick up Volendrung is vulnerable to crowd control effects.

Volendrung Artifact Showcase – Elder Scrolls Online

If a player has crowd control immunity, bashing them will still work regardless. The silencing effect from a sorcerer's negate magic ultimate will also prevent enemies from picking it up.


Wielding Volendrung replaces your skills with a set of unique skills. It also increases all of your stats, making you a truly formidable foe.

While you carry the hammer, you may not use any other skills. The wielder will still benefit from set bonuses, glyphsand poisons.

Upon picking up the hammer, butterflies will briefly swarm you, and you will be clearly recognizable by the bright orange and purple aura that surrounds you.

As Sheogorath put a curse on the artifact, in order to continue using the artifact, you must earn Alliance Pointseither by killing other players, or attacking enemy-controlled keeps and resources.

If you don't, you will be killed by its power. The artifact's hunger level is indicated on the meter located on bottom right of the player user interface. Note that repairing keeps or resurrecting other players does not count, nor do alliance points earned by other more peaceful means. Volendrung will not allow an Emperor to wield it, nor will the wielder be allowed to carry both the hammer and an Elder Scroll at the same time.

You cannot pick up Volendrung from stealth, nor are you allowed to go into stealth when wielding it. You are able to mount while carrying the hammer. You are also and able to use keep recall stones to teleport across the map with the hammer. With the exception of Sundering Swing, Volendrung's skills can be practiced by anyone by entering the portal to Cheesemonger's Hollow at your Alliance's base camp.

The Volendrung skill line is immediately available to anyone who wields the weapon. Skills include:. Skills with this icon may need to be updated following changes in Update The following effects are unique active effects which require the player to complete a certain criteria to activate, and are unique to Volendrung.Did You Know: Daggerfall and Hammerfell were both named due to someone throwing a weapon?

Daggerfall was named by its first chieftain throwing a dagger to mark his territories border, while Hammerfell was named by a Dwarf clan leader throwing Volendrung to find a new home. We asked, you answered. This is your list of favorite Daedric Artifacts, as chosen by the community. Vaermina seems to be incapable of catching a break on these lists. Not only was she last place in the Favorite Daedric Prince poll, but her favorite artifact is your most hated one.

The Sword of Jyggalag is rightfully near the bottom of this list. The Ring of Namira began as a fairly simple ring that would reflect damage its wearer would receive. It would be redesigned to allow its wearer to receive benefits from engaging in cannibalism.

Neither version seems to have sparked the admiration of the community, and the ring rests at the bottom of our listings. Originally a full set of armor, only the cuirass has seen use in recent games. Overall decent, but not enough to earn much love sadly. The Fourth Era would see its enchantment change to be more purely offensive, while picking up Soul Trapping. Much like the Ring of Namira, it seems that neither version earned much love, however.

The Sanguine Rose sadly only rests in the middle of this list. With its ability to summon an uncontrolled Daedra, it is a useful, albeit somewhat chaotic tool. It seems Sanguine will have to grow a better one if he wants a higher rank. Spellbreaker is the most famous artifact that Peryite provides, unless you consider illnesses to be artifacts. Dwarven in design, Spellbreaker has a long-fabled history stretching from its creation by King Rourken for a battle against Shalidor, to our own adventures.

The infamous artifact that Clavicus Vile desperately wants back has been causing problems in Tamriel since its introduction. Helped by its upgraded form Eltonbrand, Goldbrand broke into the top half our list. Not what I was expecting, but Dawnbreaker made it to fourth place. The Dawnbreaker is a fairly new artifact to the setting, but its shining appearance has clearly made it a memorable one.

Nocturnal once briefly took ownership of this artifact from Meridia, reforging it into Duskbringer, a very cool concept that will hopefully return in future appearances. No armor or weapon, but things like Oghma Infinium. The Skeleton Key can open any lock, whether physical, magical, or mental, allowing its user to access amazing abilities. Sadly, the Skeleton Key could not unlock the secret to winning this contest. This mundane utility is tremendously useful, however, and has clearly earned much admiration.

In Morrowind, the Star could be used to trap the souls of the gods of Morrowind, allowing you to use the strength of their souls on a few choice enchantments.

In Skyrim, it was shown that it was possible to corrupt the star into an even more powerful Black Star form, which would allow it to be used against a larger variety of targets. Tamriel will be better off without it for a while. You are wise not to let yourself get further enmeshed in his plots.

So be it. May its deadly power turn good, for once.

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A good choice for our purpose, though. But why tell them? Your sacrifice honors me. I once possessed it, briefly … a lifetime ago, it seems now … To obtain it, and then give it up … I honor your dedication to our cause. Now it is my turn to be put to the test! I will be glad to give the world a respite from it.